The UK Oil & Gas Chaplaincy

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How we can help?

Offshore Memorial Service

Rev Gordon Craig, performing an offshore
memorial service

Putting it simply, the Chaplaincy ministers to its parish and its parishioners.

The parish is the UK Oil and Gas Industry both onshore and offshore and the parishioners are those that work in it - including those who are sent abroad on duty - and their families.

We help individuals who come to our office. To us, all people are equally important and welcome regardless of their position, their faith or creed.

We seek to help groups and individuals in their workplaces. This involves visiting company premises, both onshore and offshore, to meet people and talk about their concerns. The Chaplain has an annual programme of visits to offshore installations each of which usually lasts 24-48 hours. Visits are always announced in advance and anyone can approach the Chaplain at any time.

We help people by telephone. We receive calls from oil industry people all over the UK, and from overseas. In these conversations we give comfort and guidance, counselling and encouragement, sympathy and understanding.

In times of tragedy or trauma we provide short, specially designed memorial services both on and offshore.

Rev Gordon Craig Performing a baptism

Rev Gordon Craig (Chaplain),
Performing a baptism

Main Activities

Providing a spiritual focal point for the oil and gas industry.

Providing pastoral support for individuals or groups.

*Administering the Oil Chaplaincy Trust to provide financial support to oil industry workers past or present, and their direct dependants, who find themselves in a position of hardship. Click here to apply

In an emergency, providing the first point of contact for pastoral support or referrals to other religious organisations.

Conduct offshore and onshore memorial commemorations.

Maintain the Oil and Gas Book of Remembrance which lists those who have died working offshore.

Advising on religious protocol or on delicate service arrangements.

Arranging and conducting appropriate religious services or other ceremonies for significant events such as marriages, baptisms, funerals or memorial services.

In all of this the denominational affiliations and beliefs of all will be respected.

No matter who you are, no matter what your belief, we will never turn you away.

The Oil Chapel at St. Nicholas Kirk

The Oil Chapel at
St. Nicholas Kirk

*Support To Those Most in Need - The Oil Chaplaincy Trust

The Oil Chaplaincy Trust is a fund  administered by the UK Oil & Gas Chaplaincy Trust SCIO. Its purpose is to provide financial support to oil related industry workers, past or present, and their direct dependants, who through a wide range of circumstances such as illness, injury, mobility issues, work related injuries and illnesses fall into hardship.

There have been a great many people involved in Oil & Gas Exploration in the United Kingdom over the years since 1975 or in the case of Southern North Sea Operations well before this date and the people who were involved could now be at retirement age and beyond. Our Trust encompasses all workers that are currently or have been employed in Construction, Drilling, Maintenance, Operations, Catering and many other diverse associated disciplines offshore and onshore. We are mindful that all of the people who have given service over the years many of whom have now left the industry may now be in need of assistance for a whole range of reasons.

The Chaplaincy administers the Trust with the help of five associate members of the SCIO who come from within the industry and from some religious denominations.

The associates carefully consider each application and pastoral visits are undertaken to ensure the needs are addressed and endeavour to assist where possible. Each request for support will be assessed with care and compassion.

This valuable work is made possible by the generosity of welfare committees on offshore installations and by individual and company donations. The Trustees could not provide this valuable service without the benefit of their generosity.

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Raising Awareness

We often give talks to a wide variety of organisations throughout the country about the important and unique nature of our work. This is when we explain the unique role of the Chaplaincy, the special area in which it operates, the tasks and challenges facing the industry, as well as the importance to the nation of the industry and the people in it. The Chaplain also makes himself available to conduct worship in churches around the country.

Annual Service

While ad hoc services can always be arranged for any specific situation a special service is held annually in the Kirk of St Nicholas, in Union Street, Aberdeen.

The Annual Service of Remembrance is a commemoration for all those who have worked in the Oil and Gas Industry and have passed on. This service takes place on the first Saturday of November. Details are published on this website annually.